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Advanced Eye Exam Technology
Our practice is committed to protecting your eye health with the most advanced technology available. We all want to to protect our eyesight and that is why it is important to have annual eye and vision tests. This allows us to detect changes in the front of your eye so that alterations can be made to your eyeglass or contact lens prescription. We also need to inspect the retina to check if it is healthy, damaged, or showing signs of disease.

Did you know…?
• Sight-threatening eye diseases often have no outward signs or symptoms in the early stages.
• State-of-the-art technology can help your doctor see early signs of these diseases.
• Early detection and treatment of eye disease may reduce your risk of vision loss.

Regular Wellness exams can help your doctor detect signs of common eye diseases:
• Diabetic Retinopathy
• Glaucoma
• Macular Degeneration
• And More!

If we suspect an ocular condition or disease,
we will immediately schedule or perform
diagnostic tests to determine our next steps.

The most revolutionary diagnostic tool in eye care!
Optovue iVue OCT - the Advanced Wellness Scan:

• Comprehensive Retina, Glaucoma and Cornea scans and reports
• Retinal mapping - high resolution images
• Glaucoma - RNFL analysis and mapping
• Corneal imaging and pachymetry mapping
• Reliable patient visit comparisons
• Largest OCT normative database
• Fast, non-invasive and patient friendly

The iVue is the next generation in advanced OCT product design. It is the most versatile and economical SD-OCT system available today for Retina, Glaucoma, and Cornea imaging - bringing the diagnostic power of high-speed, high-resolution OCT technology to our office to give you, our patient, the latest technology available today.

Similar to an MRI or CT scan, the iVue's non-invasively captures cross sectional views of the layers of your retina, previously not visible with traditional methods. This helps us check for very early signs of harmful conditions and possible disease. It is fast, painless and comfortable for patients of all ages.

This Advanced Wellness Exam is state-of-the-art technology that lets the doctor see beneath the surface of your retina, where signs of disease first appear. Traditional eye exams and retinal photography do not provide this level of detail.

The Optomap image is captured in less than one second and is immediately available for review with you, to help you more understand the health of your eye. Because of this superior documentation ability, we can monitor any condition more accurately as it progresses, and assist with treatment. It also gives us an accurate permanent record, from which we will have dedicated time to study, diagnose, and better treat your condition.

Each Optomap image is as individual as DNA and can provide us with a unique view of your health, quickly and comfortably.
Optmap Advantages:
• More accurate exam
• Disease detection superiority
• Monitor Incremental changes
• Ultra-wide field view of retina
• Very comfortable and quick
• Un-equaled documentation
• A non-invasive procedure
• Resume normal activities

Humphrey Automated Visual Field
• Provides information regarding the location of many diseases
• Assesses the full horizontal and vertical range of your vision
• Can detect dysfunction in central and peripheral vision
• Helps to detect and monitor glaucoma
• Measures the area of vision, or how wide of an area your eye can see
• Patient friendly

Your peripheral vision, or side vision, is very important for your visual function, and is also affected by many eye conditions. Many times, subtle changes in your peripheral vision are not noticed. The Humphrey Automated Visual Field allows us to detect any vision loss that you may not have noticed otherwise. This is important for conditions such as Glaucoma, retinal detachments, optic neuritis, retinal blood vessel blockage, brain tumors, ptosis (lid lag), auto-immune conditions like lupus, and many others.

Sitting in front of a concave dome, a computer-driven program flashes small lights at different locations within the dome's surface, and you press a button when you see the small lights in your peripheral vision. Your responses are compared to age-matched controls to determine the presence of defects within the visual field. The test will detect any loss of peripheral vision and provide a map of that loss which will be helpful in diagnosing the cause.

In addition to caring for your vision and eye health, we make every effort to explain your condition to you and encourage you to ask questions. We value our relationship with you and look forward to helping you maintain good vision and healthy eyes.

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