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The Link Between Dry Eye and Seasonal Allergies: Tips for Relief

For those of us who have experienced the discomfort of dry eye coupled with seasonal allergies, we understand the frustration and inconvenience it brings. Dry eye, a condition where our eyes fail to produce enough tears for lubrication, often results in a stinging or burning sensation.

Understanding Eye Allergies: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

Do you often have itchy, red, or watery eyes? When you are around particular things, do you sneeze or get a runny nose? If so, you may have eye allergies.

6 Questions to Ask Your Optometrist During an Eye Exam

A visit to the eye doctor comes with expectations. You’d like to know if there is something wrong with your eyes or if they are healthy.

The Eye Conditions That Require Specialty Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are an exciting breakthrough technology from the 1940s. They allow people to see clearly without the hustle of eyeglasses.

How Often Does Your Child Needs a Pediatric Eye Exam?

Being a new parent can be exciting, challenging, and terrifying at the same time. You want to give your child the best so they can have a good future.

Choosing the Best Eye Doctor for Your Family: A Guide

Eyecare is a crucial factor to prioritize for your family. It helps maintain their overall well-being. Accordingly, choosing the best eye doctor to treat you and your loved ones is vital. But with the various options available, the task can be daunting.

How to Care for Your Contact Lenses: A Guide

Contact lenses are a popular eyeglasses alternative for vision correction. They are worn directly on the eye and provide a more realistic and open field of vision. However, contact lenses require proper care to ensure safe and comfortable wear. 

What to Expect During a Pediatric Eye Exam

Pediatricians usually conduct a brief eye screening during annual physicals, but they are inadequate in determining eye health. The screenings are not substitutes for comprehensive eye exams conducted by eye doctors. Eye doctors use specialized tests and equipment to establish visual abilities and ocular health. Children should have their first eye exams before they start school. 

­­Choose Ortho-k to Treat Myopia: Here's Why

Myopia is a prevalent eye condition, and the numbers are rising. It usually starts when you are young and progresses until your vision stabilizes at about 18. When you are young, it is best to have myopia treated and, even better, controlled to reduce the chance of worse eye problems later.

4 Signs Your Child Needs an Optometrist

Sight is essential for children, especially in their social and school life. They need to see well to engage in play with other children.

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